Bart Beasley


Meet Bart:

Bart Beasley is the owner and operator of Beasley Custom Builders. He currently lives in Charleston, SC, but was born and raised in Northeast Georgia on a farm. His father was a farmer turned a professional fly fisherman and his mother was burned the candle at both ends by working as a nurse and on the family farm. Bart’s interests range from being an all around outdoorsman, enjoying hunting, fishing, camping, and building homes, which has turned into a career for Bart.

At a young age Bart developed a fascination with building tree-houses in his backyard. Growing up on a farm he had over forty trees in his yard. By the end of his childhood there was a treehouse constructed in nearly each tree. This is when Bart had really found his passion in contracting and building. So much that he spent his summers as a teen working on a framing crew, and taking vocational department courses to learn how to lay brick, paint, and build houses.  Bart’s work ethic came from his hard-working mother.  In addition to being a full-time nurse, she also took care of the chicken houses on the family farm.  Bart couldn’t ask for a better role model.

It was also during his childhood where another passion along with construction was born, Bart’s love of fly fishing. Bart’s father quit farming in the late 80’s to pursue his dream of professional fly fishing. At a young age, Bart learned from his father the joys and techniques of fly fishing. Bart has no memory of learning this skill; fly fishing was just as natural a part of his childhood as learning to walk. One thing that Bart does recall is going into the mountains of North Carolina and Georgia with his family. In his late teens he would spend summers in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, working as a fisher guide and an outfitter. Every day he would wake up, fix himself a cup of coffee, pick up a group of clients and take them fishing.

Education & Professional Career:

After graduating from school, Bart when straight into building houses in Athens, Georgia. He spent six years at this job running a crew. Searching for more lucrative opportunities, Bart moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2002. He went on to work for a production building company as a project manager for 4 years, during which time he built over 400 homes in the Charleston area. Through this opportunity he was able to form many professional contacts and relationships that would help him eventually launch his own company.

In 2006 Bart left his project manager position and started his own contracting company, Beasley Custom Builders. The company started off as just him, but after four years he hired his first employee. Today, Bart hires out to trusted peers, but he keeps a keen eye on all projects, making sure that his vision is realized. Bart has worked on homes as small as 2,000 square feet to as big as 6,500. His focus is, and has always been, the quality of the house, with the next being customer satisfaction. Bart enjoys the blood, sweat, and tears aspect of building homes. Each finished project is a point of great pride to him.

Bart’s Passions:

Outside of work, Bart is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys fly fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. But one of his favorite things to do is include his family on his adventures. Similar to how Bart’s father passed a passion of fishing on to him, Bart takes pride in passing the joys of fishing onto his own two children. Today, Bart does most of his fishing in the Florida Keys and Charleston.